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Physical Eloquence for Stage & Life.

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Celebration Barn Turns 50

• A Love Story by Karen Montanaro

The First Celebration Ensemble
Touring Company
The Second Celebration Ensemble
The Second Celebration Mime Ensemble
The Celebration Theatre Ensemble
The Celebration Theater Ensemble (Photo by Al Fisher)

An excerpt from “Theatre & Inspiration,” the 2006 documentary film by Richard Searles, Leland Faulkner & Huey.

Tony's Bio

An early student of both Marcel Marceau and Marceau’s teacher, Etienne Decroux, Tony Montanaro was one of the great masters of mime. Tony taught his personal style of “physical eloquence” to thousands of students and other teachers for over 50 years – and not just to mimes. Actors, musicians, acrobats and clowns, storytellers and dancers, jugglers and magicians – all sought out Tony for his unique ability to turn individual talents into true and marketable theatre. Tony founded the Celebration Barn in South Paris, Maine, where he taught for 17 years, directing several touring companies and launching many duet and solo careers. He toured nationally and internationally with his wife and partner, Karen Hurll-Montanaro as the Montanaro-Hurll Theater of Mime and Dance.

To Tony, mime is “eloquent gesture,” with or without words, with or without props. Montanaro’s approach is more than an invaluable lesson in theatre; it’s a lesson in communication. Knowing what you want to project, sensing what the audience sees, and developing the skill necessary to bring the two together with eloquence and personal style is the focus of Tony’s Montanaro’s method.

Tony Montanaro by Al Fisher
Tony Montanaro (1927 ~ 2002)

Photo by Al Fisher

"Tony Montanaro... a superb mime and superb teacher of mime... His talent equaled Marceau's and he had an endearing quality Marceau didn't possess: a sense of vulgarity too... That dash of the low gave a gritty vitality to his work - - it liberated him from an unswerving allegiance to delicacy; yes, and took him at his best right into Jonathan Winters territory. Territory which is richer and wilder than the exquisitely tasteful realm of mime."
-Theatre Critic, The Village Voice, New York City
"There are few who can perform and teach as brilliantly as he does and fewer still who actually do it. His enlightened visual style and creative teaching techniques are an experience I would wish on anyone."
-Brian Meehl, Mummenschanz & the Muppets
"Tony Montanaro was the 'boss.' He was my director, teacher and inspiration to be original... Let his magical creativity and words change your life, too."
-Fred Garbo, Inflatable Performance Artist & Sesame Street Puppeteer


Welcome to Mime Spoken Here!

I’ve been developing this platform in order to share the history and achievements of my former teacher and friend Tony Montanaro. This website is a project that honors Tony’s contributions to the art form of mime, showcases the work of his former students, and provides educational resources to help further the world’s understanding of the beautiful art form of mime. Tony’s former touring partner, Karen Montanaro, has been absolutely wonderful in giving me carte blanche in this effort, fully authorizing me to take on this special project by supplying boxes of photographs, brochures and rare videos. Thank you, Karen! And also THANK YOU to all the people who sent in contributions to help get the legacy platform up and running.

Please join our mailing list and keep in touch on social media by joining the MIME SPOKEN HERE Facebook Group. There is a special fund set up to support this work if you would like to make a contribution. All donations go directly to the development of the platform and related media projects. I’d also be delighted to receive copies of any photos, videos or lost treasures from the years that Tony was performing and teaching. Feel free to reach out at the email address below.



Michael Menes
Co-Founder & Media Designer, ménes.média


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Complete Mime Course

Take Tony’s Course (Video-On-Demand)*

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DVD Set Image“There are few who can perform and teach as brilliantly as he does – and fewer still who actually do it. His enlightened visual style and creative teaching techniques are an experience I would wish on anyone.”

-Brian Meehl of Mummenschanz and The Muppets

VOLUME ONE ~ Illusions & Exercise

Tony breaks down in great detail the dynamics and mechanics of such classic illusions as The Tug of War, The Wall, The Rope Climb, Walking in Place, The String Puppet, The Robot, Stair Climbing, and Slow Motion. As he explains the techniques involved in each illusion, Tony gives insight into how to bring the illusions to life through “premise” and “intent,” revealing the subtle inaccuracies that interfere with total audience understanding. Throughout, Tony teaches with an emphasis on believability, on justifying the illusion. He stresses that one should not communicate the illusion but also the reason for performing the illusion.

VOLUME TWO ~ Spontaneity & Invention

Tony is joined by a talented crew of professional performers – all former students of Tony’s to demonstrate further the art of “eloquent gesture,” the focus now turning to Spontaneity and Invention. In this rare chance to see the teacher in his element, the classroom, Tony guides this troupe through a series of exercises designed to promote the understanding of process, the willingness to take risks and the art of letting go of the need to reach an end product. In addition to being a great resource for the actor and performer, Volume 2 is also a must-have for any aspiring or accomplished teacher of performing arts. Watching Tony’s refreshing and inspired teaching style is a perfect way to find new inspiration and ideas. Tony guides the troupe through a series of exercises designed to promote the understanding of process.

*We have a limited supply of DVDs still available at $20 each plus shipping and handling. (NTSC format). Click here to inquire.

“Technique is impressive. Artistry is interesting. ‘Impressive’ alone does not stand the test of time. The next guy comes along, and is taller than you, more accomplished, quicker, wealthier, busier… ‘Impressive’ is based on relatives; more or less, better or worse, etc. ‘Interesting’ stands alone. When something is interesting time stops and comparisons are irrelevant.”

– Tony Montanaro

The Tony Store


The Performer's Portable Workshop

First published in 1995, this Kindle edition of Mime Spoken Here has been updated as an eBook. This book covers: Definition and History of Mime, Warming Up, Premise Work, Isolation Exercises and Illusions, Preparatory Exercises, Improvisation, Creating Sketches and The Subtleties of Performing. 254 Pages.

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Mime Course

Video-On-Demand Mime Training

4 Hours of Ad-Free Immersive Instruction in Two Volumes taught by a master mime who studied under Marcel Marceau. Available as a download or stream to all your digital devices. This VOD version of MSH is $35. One time fee with no expiration. A limited supply of NTSC DVDs are also available for $20 each plus shipping.

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Documentary Film

Theatre & Inspiration

Tony Montanaro (1927-2002) was one of the great mime artists of the 20th Century. Rare archival footage is interwoven with interviews and performances. Theatre & Inspiration celebrates Tony’s life and contributions to the world of theatre and the joy he brought to audiences across America and Europe.

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We’ve partnered with Zazzle to offer on-demand Celebration Mime Ensemble Shirts and Coffee Mugs. Mugs can be ordered in a number of styles and color combinations. Shirts can be ordered in a variety of styles, sizes and colors. Shirts are 100% cotton. 20% of sales help support the platform.

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Our posts section features many articles about mime, shared work, video performances, op-eds and more. There is a waiting list of articles in line to be published should more funding become available. Each article takes a minimum of several hours to format and publish. Help publish an article or fast-track an article you’d like to submit by donating $100 to The Tony Fund. Feel free to leave comments or share articles on social media!

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The Mime Times

Restoration Project

The MIME TIMES was a publication which was edited, published and distributed by Tony Montanaro and Alan Day from 1976 to 1982. A special tribute issue was printed in 2003 for Tony’s memorial at State Street Church in Portland, Maine. Sharing mime news in the pre-internet era of the arts, the MIME TIMES was once the voice of Tony Montanaro and the Celebration Mime Theatre and was educational, promotional as well as, of course, entertaining. A window into another era, the MIME TIMES makes for some interesting reading, indeed! The early Barn community of artists were an ambitious and industries lot; creating multiple touring troupes, duets, soloists, giving workshops, producing revues, establishing festivals and touring heavily around New England and beyond. Articles were written by company members and many others in the mime field with original drawings and artwork. 

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The Mime Times


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Physical Eloquence for Stage and Life.

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