Tony’s 4 Hour Mime Course

Mime Course

by Tony Montanaro

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Sample Lessons

The Wall Mime

The Illusionary Walk

“There are few who can perform and teach as brilliantly as he does – 
and fewer still who actually do it. His enlightened visual style and creative teaching techniques are an experience I would wish on anyone.”

-Brian Meehl of Mummenschanz and The Muppets

The Process

Ideally, one should arrive at one’s own process, one’s own techniques, but it’s a human tendency to jump on the stepladder of other people’s techniques before we exercise the courage to climb those artistic heights using our own raw materials. (My stepladders were Marceau, Decroux and film studies of great comics.) In this course, I will move and share some of the techniques I have learned, created or perfected and hope this will be only a springboard for your own self-revelation through mime.

– TM

DVD Course Cover

VOLUME ONE ~ Illusions & Exercises

Tony breaks down in great detail the dynamics and mechanics of such classic illusions as The Tug of War, The Wall, The Rope Climb, Walking in Place, The String Puppet, The Robot, Stair Climbing, and Slow Motion. As he explains the techniques involved in each illusion, Tony gives insight into how to bring the illusions to life through “premise” and “intent,” revealing the subtle inaccuracies that interfere with total audience understanding. Throughout, Tony teaches with an emphasis on believability, on justifying the illusion. He stresses that one should not communicate the illusion but also the reason for performing the illusion.

DVD Course Cover

VOLUME TWO ~ Spontaneity & Invention

Tony is joined by a talented crew of professional performers – all former students of Tony’s to demonstrate further the art of “eloquent gesture,” the focus now turning to Spontaneity and Invention. In this rare chance to see the teacher in his element, the classroom, Tony guides this troupe through a series of exercises designed to promote the understanding of process, the willingness to take risks and the art of letting go of the need to reach an end product. In addition to being a great resource for the actor and performer, Volume 2 is also a must-have for any aspiring or accomplished teacher of performing arts. Watching Tony’s refreshing and inspired teaching style is a perfect way to find new inspiration and ideas. Tony guides the troupe through a series of exercises designed to promote the understanding of process.

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