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MIME SPOKEN HERE ~ The Portable Workshop

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The Performer’s Portable Workshop
by Tony Montanaro with Karen Hurll-Montanaro

First published in 1995, this Kindle edition of Mime Spoken Here has been updated as an eBook. This book covers: Definition and History of Mime, Warming Up, Premise Work, Isolation Exercises and Illusions, Preparatory Exercises, Improvisation, Creating Sketches and The Subtleties of Performing.

“My motivation for writing Tony’s book was, I think, more convincing than Tony’s motivation. Tony had been doing mime all his life and doing it with extraordinary skill, even before he studied with Marceau and Decroux in Paris in the late 1950s. I, on the other hand, had no idea what mime was until I met Tony. During the following five years of working together, I acquired a profound and life-changing appreciation for the art form – specifically Tony’s unique approach to it.”

-Karen Hurll-Montanaro, Co-Author

254 Pages. Download for $7.99

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Sample Pages

Celebration Mime Theatre Logo (Dark)

Physical Eloquence for Stage and Life.

Egg Illustration by Tony Montanaro, Benny Reehl & The 1st Celebration Mime Ensemble

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