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1976 ~ 2003

The MIME TIMES was a mime newsletter which was edited, published and distributed by Tony Montanaro and Alan Day from 1976 to 1982. A special tribute issue was printed in 2003 for Tony’s memorial at State Street Church in Portland, Maine. Sharing mime news in the pre-internet era of the arts, the MIME TIMES was once the voice of Tony Montanaro and the Celebration Mime Theatre and was educational, promotional as well as, of course, entertaining. A window into another era, the MIME TIMES makes for some interesting reading, indeed! The early Barn community of artists were an ambitious and industries lot; creating multiple touring troupes, duets, soloists, giving workshops, producing revues, establishing festivals and touring heavily around New England and far beyond. Articles were written by company members and many others in the mime field with original drawings and artwork. Many students, including myself, recall the old stacks of leftover editions underneath the pews at the Celebration Barn. They’ve become a collectors’ item but were suffering the fate of time as they were yellowing, fraying, and slowly decomposing. Yikes! We were missing a couple issues, but thanks to Mike Seliger, we were able to locate all the missing issues and a printed collectors edition as well. In the Spring of 2022, with the support of my company, ménes.média, a restoration process began on the 204 pages. The low end cost estimate in labor is approximately $6,000 of value (over 200 hours of media restoration and electronic publishing).


-Michael Menes, ménes.média



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Celebrating the Essence of • Duchesse’s 17th Century Gaffe Put Aright in the 20th • Who is Celebration Mime? • The Grapevine • The Duet • Work in Progress • Non-Profit / Tax Exempt • Workshop in Functional Beauty • Current Repertoire of the Celebration Mime Theatre • The Trio • Richard Adam • Douglas Leach • Andrea Stander

Portland Extends A Warm Hand • Troupe Reassembles To Ensemble • The Celebration Trio Brings “Pinnochio” To New Jersey • Rambling On The Clown… • Board of Directors Munch & Muse • On Meeting a Famous Playwright at Sardi’s • The Mime • Nationally Acclaimed Sculptor To Teach In South Paris • The Barn That Tony Bought • Transitions • Early Days • Celebration Ensemble To Be On N.E.A.’s FY 78 Dance Touring Program  • Troupe of Mimes Dazzles Watchers • Celebration Continues Listing on New England Touring Program • Successful “Clownshop” Enters Its 3rd Year • The Grapevine • Tony’s Tips On Mime

40 Shows in 4 Weeks • Puppet Beckoned To Louisiana • Tony’s Tips on Mime • Garbo & Jillian Build Themselves a House • Mime’s Illusions Charm • You May Be Wondering… • Clownish Notes • Pinocchio Applauded Throughout New Jersey • New Children’s Production Currently Takes Form • Celebration Ensemble Gathers No Moss • Can You Spare A Buck? • You Are What You Mime • Fiscal Funnies • The Grapevine • Epitaph for Mime Vitalis • Anthony Padovano

Best of Celebration Revue • Design Resource Person Joins Celebration Future • Grant Aids Creation of Puppet Theatre • An Interview with TONY MONTANARO • A Condolence • Mime and the Hearing-Impaired • Workshops in Gear, Future Schedules Set • Mime Course To Be Held At City Studio Theatre • Announcing: Open Workshop in November • The Grapevine • Tony’s Tips on Mime • Buckfield Bonzos Shimmy By South Parasites • An Interview • Pottery Center Begins Active Summer • CMT Board of Trustees Convenes • An Interview • On Audiences… • Quincee• Clowns: A Book Review • Survival On A Passenger Train

NEA Choreography Fellowship Awarded to Montanaro/CMT • Tony’s Tips on Mime • Revue Show Hits the Road • Summer Sessions ’77 at CMT • Christian Ridge Pottery’s First Firing • Pottery Workshop Scheduled • The Grapevine • Clownshop Note • Upcoming Workshops • Announcing Open Workshop in Spring 1978 • Garbo & Jillian News • Film on Maine Theatre • And We Still Need A Little Help From Our Friends • Celebration Mail • Ensemble Hits the Big Apple • What the critics had to say…

Special New Year’s Issue • In Defense of Children’s Theater • Tony’s Tips on Mime • Project Impact • Transitions • Reflections • Outgrowths • On The Arts In Maine • Touring Feedback • Celebration Mime Troupe Provides Exceptional Performance At Camden • Celebration Mime Mixes A Brew Of Enjoyment With A Profession • Audience Reacts Enthusiastically To Celebration Mime Ensemble • The Grapevine • Upcoming Workshops • United Technologies Meets Mime

‘Christopher Columbus’ Play Comes on Board • Maine Children’s Festival Slated For June • Tony’s Tips On Mime • Outgrowths: Old Friend News • Lights and Reflections …Or: • People Who Gave…. •  The Grapevine • Crossroads • WOW, WHAT A YEAR! • Christian Ridge Pottery Clay To Flame Workshop • Theatre Workshops Announced • Alert! Composer Wanted • Advertising Space Now in Mime Times • Michael Cardew Pottery • “Miming the Coast” Workshop

Children’s Trio in Razzmatazz • Tony’s Tips On Mime • To All Maine Performing Arts Sponsors • A Helping Hand • Mime Group Gives Fine Performance • Composer Program Launched • Summer Madness • The Grapevine • Reehl on Wheels • Transformations • Summer of ’79, Anyone? • The Summer Session Company • Advanced Seminar Planned • Hello Out There

CMT Performs in Cambridge • 1978 Festival of American Mime • A Weekend With Michael Cardew • Performer Positions Available • Celebration Trio Presents RAZZMATAZZ! • Spanning the Years • Upcoming Workshops • The First Meeting of Clowns Anonymous • Mime Workshop Offered in Boston • The Grapevine • Clay and Fabric Project Proposed • Keep It Coming

Maine Festival ’79 Gets Underway • The 44 Diner or “The End of the Long Wooden Road…” • Tony’s Tips On Mime • A Celebration in South Paris • A Helping Hand • Razzamatazz • Mime Ensemble a Creative Celebration • Mime Performers Show Verve • Winning Hearts and Mimes • Montanaro Returns to the Stage • The Six Month-er • Upcoming Workshops • Classes of ’79-’80 • The Grapevine • Padavano Returns

Andy’s Summer Playhouse • The Maine Festival • The Mime Times Opens to New Chapter • Winkley Offers Pottery Workshop • CMT Trustees Meet • Celebration at The Barn in Farewell to The Ensemble • National Mime Week • Carving Gems • The Celebration Mimes Bow Out With More Magic • Mime Ensemble: Personal Farewell • Acting Workshop at Bennington • A Short History of Mime • A Mime’s Eye View – The Montanaro Revue • Jud The Jester at Old Port Festival

2nd Season of RAZZMATAZZ! • Summer Theater Project ’79 • Clownshop 1980 • Mime Survey in the Streets of Paris, Maine • Spring Tour, 1979 • Le Gets • Dell’Arte Presents Intrigue at Ah-Pah • Yvette and Cocteau • Mime Times Seeks Input

Pantoclowns Check In • The Dell’Arte Players • Designing the Mask • WHA’S ‘APPENIN’ • Bewegingsstudio • New Talent • An Experience in Mime • A Letter from Terry • Le Gets • The Grapevine • Upcoming Workshops • Advertising Space Now in Mime Times • Uncle Huey Show • Avital’s 1980 Program • Sedgwick Workshop • Women in Mime

Two Penny Theater Workshop • Dell’Arte In Italy • Proteus Mime Theatre • New England Festival Showcase • Now in Mime Times Advertising Space • The Grapevine • Le Gets • Mime Times Seeks Input • Mime Times Review • School for Movement Theater • Pantomime ~ Music of the Soul

Announcing Montanaro Productions • Three Materials in Search of a Mask • The Energy of Comedy • The Mime Connection • The Grapevine • Le Gets, Gestures in Great Men • Chance of a Lifetime • Word From Dell’Arte • Plexus Mime Theatre • Montanaro Productions Goes International • Montanaro Announces 1981 Workshops • Now in Mime Times Advertising Space

Until We Meet Again • Change in 1981 Montanaro Workshop Schedule • NEW MIME Series in New York • Be A Clown • The Grapevine • So You Think You Have It Rough On The Road • Puerto Rican Mime Group • Scratched Moon Relics • Dr. Bandoli’s Traveling Goodtime Show • Theatre Preserve • Montanaro Productions T-shirts For Sale • The Summer of ’80 … or The Way We Were • Welcoming In The Fern • Spotlight on Ole Brekke • Stockholm • Coming Next Issue…

Sukanya • Montanaro Mime Theatre’s Invitation to Mexico • Update on Berg & Prince • Kathakali Dance Drama • The Grapevine • Pierrot Rediscovered • Acrobatics for the Juggler, Mime or Clown • Ask Dr. Johnny – a Column of Mandatory Interrogation • It works! The Revue in Review • Mime at OK Summer Arts Institute

Opportunities for Mimes • Ask Dr. Johnny • The Mime-Video Connection • More Mime Pie for Berg & Prince • Colorado Mountain College Workshops in • The Grapevine • Le Gets • School for Movement Theatre • A Day in the Life

Peking Opera in the Chi’i Style from People’s Republic of China • Ask Dr. Johnny • Time for Mime • Two Local Artists Collaborate • Re-Subscribe!! • Morpheus • The Grapevine • Le Gets • The Hidden Face of Music • Eight Month Workshop Beginning in May, 1982

Mime is Alive and Well at School for Movement Theatre • Ask Dr. Johnny • The Seattle Mime Theatre • Sex, Violence, Money, Power and Mime • Dell’Arte Players Co. • The Grapevine • An Interview with the Pickle Family Circus • Francois Delsarte’s Address to the Philotechnic Society of Paris • Heather Forest, Storyteller • A Reflection of Technique and Knowledge

Real Public Theatre in New York? • International Mime & Movement Festival • The Silent Outcry • Toward a Clown Theatre • The Grapevine • Francois Delsarte’s Address • Storytelling Not Just Kid’s Stuff • The Mime’s Magic • American Mime Benefit at Cooper Union

Souvenir Issue of Mime Times • Intensive Workshops in Mexico • The Last Word • The Silent Outcry • Award Winner Plexus Mime Theatre • Without Passion or Song from Within, Mime Becomes a Mere Gymnastic • Three Pillars of Becoming an Artist • Delsarte’s Address • The International Mime & Movement Festival

Tony! • The Early Years • The Celebration Years • My Grandmother Smelled of Lilac • The Teaching and Learning Continues • Fern Hill • The Most Profound Idea • The Best Broadcasting Teacher • Tony the Food Lover • The Meaning of Mastery • For Crimes Sake, Don’t Drop Me! • Driving with Tony • Always Approachable • Poetry & Images • Backtracking • Tony-isms • More Stories: Portland & Beyond… • From Karen’s Journal… • Glenn Jenks • Do What You FEEL! • Work Hard… Don’t Stop… • The Montanaro Family • The Memorial on December 17th • Homage to Tony • Voices from the Memorial • The Simurgh

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Cover Design for the 14" x 10" MIME TIMES Hard Cover Publication


We are planning to have the entire collection available as an eBook and printed through a print-on-demand publisher as a collection. Pre-orders will be discounted to help offset the costs. If you would like to receive news about pre-ordering as we get closer, just fill out the form below.

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