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Theatre & Inspiration

The 2005 Documentary Film by Richard Searles, Leland Faulkner & Huey

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Documentary Film

Theatre & Inspiration 

by Richard Searles, Leland Faulkner & Huey

Tony Montanaro (1927-2002) was one of the great mime artists of the 20th Century. Theatre & Inspiration celebrates his life and contributions to the world of theatre and the joy he brought to audiences across America and Europe.

Rare archival footage of Montanaro is interwoven with interviews and performances, including scenes featuring his wife and performing partner, Karen Montanaro and legendary mime Marcel Marceau. In 1956, Tony traveled to Paris to study with Marceau and Marceau’s teacher, Etienne Decroux. After performing and teaching internationally, Montanaro journeyed to another Paris – South Paris, Maine. It was there, in 1972, that he established Celebration Barn Theater, which would become a mecca for mimes, storytellers, and actors who came from around the world to study with this man who was redefining theater. Puppeteers with Sesame Street and The Muppet Show., writers for Between the Lions, the host of Hollywood Squares, and performers in Cirque du Soleil are just a few of Tony’s alumni seen in the film.
In 2004, thirty eight performers, all past students, came together for a series of tribute concerts in a dynamic and fun filled homage to their teacher. Theatre & Inspiration shows this master’s ability to reach beyond the footlights and into the hearts of the audience. This is the living legacy of Tony Montanaro.

55 Minutes. Video-On-Demand $15.00

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Egg Illustration by Tony Montanaro, Benny Reehl & The 1st Celebration Mime Ensemble

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