Seattle Mime Theatre

Seattle Mime Theatre


The Seattle Mime Theatre was a mime company comprised of performers Richard Davidson, Bruce Wylie, Elizabeth Roth and Mike Kulman. The company studied with Tony Montanaro and Jacque Lecoq. A collection of their work became available through grant support from 4Culture in 2017 on INTERNET ARCHIVE. The contents of this article can be found there with many more clips of their work and projects. The archive includes Animation, Pinocchio, Gum, Carnival of Animals, An Evening in America and much more. To view the complete archive of their work, click here.

Early Seattle Mime Theatre Montage

In 1977, Richard “Rick” Davidson, Elizabeth Roth, Bruce Wylie and Pat Tyler began the Seattle Mime Theatre. Roth and Davidson had studied with Tony Montanaro and Jacque Lecoq, and Wylie had trained with Leonard Pitt. The company performed throughout the United States and abroad for both adults and children. Bruce was a principal performer and co-artistic director of the Seattle Mime Theater from its inception in 1977, a time when Mime was a dynamic force in experimental theatre. As a creator, director and performer, Bruce was involved in the creation of dozens of original works that constantly pushed the boundaries of movement theatre. The company also worked with Choreographer Pat Graney, Improviser Matt Smith, and Director Rita Giomi, amongst others, and performed in Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, at at the Edinburgh FringeFestival, where he met his wife, Dancer/Choreographer Sally Sykes. As a stage designer, he created props,sets, and costumes, including a 20 foot revolving teeter totter, a giant hydraulic trampoline bed and a 10-foot set of walkable chicken legs. The Seattle Mime Theater core troupe (Bruce Wylie, Rick Davidson, Mik Kuhlman) was located in their own theatre (the Seattle Mime Theatre) on Capitol Hill for many years.


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