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Celebration Barn (July, 2022)

Celebration Barn Turns 50

Starting in New York City where he transformed his living room into a mime studio in his Manhattan apartment* to the 16 acre residents he purchased and renovated in Casco, Maine after coming out of retirement in his early 70’s as the year-round Montanaro-Hurl Theatre of Mime and Dance with his wife and performing partner, Karen Hurl-Montanaro… Tony always had his school....

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Jest in Time Theatre

Hand Made

Jest in Time began as the dream of co-founder, Sherry Lee Hunter; who after training in the United States with teacher/mentor Tony Montanaro, joined forces with MaryEllen MacLean and Christian Murray in 1983 to form the beginnings of Jest. In 1986 Shelley Wallace joined the group which became one of the most established troupes in Canada and the longest running physical theatre company in the province....

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Celebration Mime Theatre Logo (Dark)

Physical Eloquence for Stage and Life.

Egg Illustration by Tony Montanaro, Benny Reehl & The 1st Celebration Mime Ensemble

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