Delsarte System of Oratory
Delsarte System of Oratory

Tony-Style Improv

Hosted by Bernie Kramer

With guests Leland Faulkner, Rick Adam & Karen Montanaro

This half hour program is a revisited edit of a documentary piece on the topic of improvisation funded and produced by actor, mime and storyteller, Bernie Kramer. This video features Bernie hosting an improvisational gathering with a panel discussion on the topic of Tony Montanaro’s teachings of open improvisation. The panel includes three experienced and successful performing artists from Maine. Leland Faulkner, Rick Adam and Karen Montanaro courageously exploring improv exercises with Bernie while offering insights and analysis of the process and how it applies to their careers and creative process. Also included in the discussion is the influences of teachers such as Francois Delsarte and Michael Chekhov. There is also a link to Delsarte’s System of Oratory below.

©2022 Bernie Kramer. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Riding Pegasus

by Bernie Kramer

Bernie has made the full RIDING PEGASUS program available as a VOD (Video on Demand) on Vimeo for a $2 donation. The full version offers a structure for approaching Tony-style improv along with many more improvisational challenges.

Click Here for RIDING PEGASUS.

Delsarte’s “System of Oratory” which includes the entirety of his literary achievements is available to be studied online through the library of the University of California (656 Pages). Tony referred to these writings as “a treasure chest” for mimes and actors.


Footage captured at the Eureka Arts Studio in Buckfield, Maine in 2018 by Michael Menes with lighting design by Leland Faulkner.


A dogged, persistent student who enjoyed playing and working for thirty years with Tony on mime, improv, clowning, storytelling and sketch-writing, also worked with Moni Yakim, Samuel Avital, Burt Houle, Marcel Marceau and Michael Henry. Bernie studied acting with Anne Jackson and others at HB Studio for 25 years, working on Shakespeare with many fine teachers, particularly Geoffrey Owens, always expanding, consolidating and extending his base.


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