THE MIME (Costume Check)THE MIME
A Short Film by Robert Rosen and Arthur Miller

Released in 1966 by Robert Rosen Films, THE MIME, featuring Tony Montanaro reemerged in December of 2015 in the online archives of Columbia University (Center for Mass Communication). The Center has made it available (in 640 x 360 pixel  resolution) for downloading and streaming on their INTERNET ARCHIVE.

Appearing in the THE MIME are also Michael Henry, Jamey Gurman, Sarah Dickinson and Peter Ford. The short film (26:32) is by Robert Rosen and Arthur Miller. In the film, Tony discusses the art of mime and its complexities. He explains the training necessary for proficiency and presents his views on the art and the influence it has had on his private life. There is a performance at Goddard College which shares the process of preparing for a performance and life on the road. Tony was very interested in obtaining the rights to the film and began a process of trying to apply to have the copyright transferred over to his name in his later years.

Photography by Chris Harris, Daniel Seeger and Henry Felt. Stills by Carl Marcus. Sound Engineering by Mark Dichter. Continuity by Janet Boulton.

To visit the Center for Mass Communication archives of the Columbia University Press, CLICK HERE.

Tony (NYC Kitchen)

Moments from the short film THE MIME by Robert Rosen Films

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