Jest in Time
Directed by Tony Montanaro

Jest in Time began as the dream of co-founder, Sherry Lee Hunter; who after training in the United States with teacher/mentor Tony Montanaro, joined forces with MaryEllen MacLean and Christian Murray in 1983 to form the beginnings of Jest. In 1986 Shelley Wallace joined the group which became one of the most established troupes in Canada and the longest running physical theatre company in the province.

Over its twenty-year history, the group toured the world, including travel to Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, the United States (including Alaska) and just about every small town in Canada. Troupe members presented a refreshing style of physical theatre, which they then taught to others. Jest created numerous productions including The Best of Jest, Accidental Bloodlines (co-created and directed by Bryden MacDonald), Sleep Tracks, Love Bytes and Trip, as well as three television specials for CBC (Jest (Pop. 4), Jest in Time for Christmas and Jest in Time for Halloween).

In the fall of 2003, Jest in Time, quietly called it quits. Members of the group decided to pursue different artistic directions, and the time seemed right subsequent to the damage wreaked by Hurricane Juan on Jest’s Halifax office.

Jest Characters

Jest in Time featuring Sherry Lee Hunter, Mary Ellen MacLean, Christian Murray and Shelley Wallace

Jest in Time Theatre performing HAND MADE in 2003 in Portland, Maine at Tony Montanaro’s memorial service.

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