Videography by Michael Menes


Reifer and Saccone
Photo by Rhonda Farnham

Loving Objects

by Jackie Reifer and John Saccone

LOVING OBJECTS is a sketch performed by Jackie Reifer and John Saccone. Jackie and John met at Celebration Barn in 1980 while workshopping with Tony Montanaro. They went on to tour and perform with Celebration Theater Ensemble for five years under the direction of Tony. In 1987 they created Reifer & Saccone and have been offering performances and workshops ever since. This video was shot and edited by Michael Menes at Celebration Barn back in 2017.

Reifer & Saccone weave together movement, mime and monologue to create comic and often poignant observations of life. They delight and educate diverse audiences in elementary and high schools, family gatherings, corporate functions and theater.

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Jackie and John

Photography by Rhonda Farnham

Jackie and John with Tony
Jackie and John with Tony Montanaro


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