Tony Interview ThumbThe 1985 Documentary Guild Interview

23:10 / October, 1985

Wonderful to hear Tony telling his own story and touching on such things as spontaneity, improv, choice of material, gender, performing for children, inventing “The Wall,” auditioning for Marcel Marceau, learning from Decroux, what mime is all about and much more. This lovely interview didn’t make it into the 2003 Theatre & Inspiration documentary film as it arrived too late in the editing process. It was made by “The Documentary Guild.” The tape had mostly unedited footage so we cleaned it up just a bit, removing short sections where the audio dropped out and added some titles on Tony’s main talking points. If you’d like to make a donation towards restoring more media, click here to donate to the Tony Fund.

Interview Contents

0:45 • Spontaneity
2:00 •  One Word Improvs
4:45 • Mimes Talk!
6:45 • Inventing the Mime Wall
8:45 • What is Mime?
9:45 • Getting Started in Mime
10:45 • Discovering Marcel Marceau
11:45 • Auditioning
13:45 • The Desire to Communicate
14:45 • One Women in Mime
16:45 • Performing for Children
18:15 • Choice of Material
20:15 • Good Mimes and Unprepared Mimes
21:15 • Everyone Does Mime

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